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Jasmine serves as the head baker and owner of Oh My Yum. Self-taught with 17 years of experience, Oh My Yum believes that a dessert should not only taste good but it should provide an edible experience and a true reflection of those being celebrated.

As a young girl raised with the help of my grandmother, the kitchen was a daily gathering place. From watching my grandmother prepare dinner to creating holiday pies, baking is something that just came naturally.

Now I want to share that love that has been passed down to me through baking to you. Creating traditional desserts that remind me of my grandmother’s kitchen with my own little spin.

Are you ready to taste a piece of history?

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Baked goods have been around for thousands of years

Try one of our yummy desserts by placing your order for one or more of our delicious desserts by clicking below. Be sure to follow Oh My Yum! on Instagram and Facebook for weekly promotions and offerings.

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All orders need to be placed within 3 business days of the date needed. 


Enjoy your Oh My Yums!

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